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Sandy's Soul Connections newsletter is published twice monthly. Copies of previous newsletters can be found below. As well as publishing the newsletter Sandy also regularly posts blog articles, including spiritual guidance, insights and tips both on her website and the Soul Awaken Facebook page.Have a browse see what you think. Send Sandy some feedback, we would love to hear from you!   Happy reading!


Aug: The Power Of Intention To Change Your Life 

June 25th: Happiness Comes From Love and Gratitude

June: Identifying Negative Beliefs Around Money

May: Are You Unconsciously Giving Money The Flick Every Time It Wants To Make Its Way To You 

April: About Gratitude

Mar: The Key To Developing Self Esteem

Feb: Kick Some Butts Along The Way

Jan: Remaining Postitive


Feb: Is It Selfish To Be Self Centered?

Mar: Just Stop Whatever It Is That You Are Doing – Right Now

Apr: Be The Architect Of Your Life 

May: A Simple Life Is a Happy Life

June: 10 Soul Tips to Heal Your Self-Esteem

July: Soul Tips in Remaining Calm When Stressed

Aug 6th: The Power To be Here and Now When Handling Disagreements

Aug 29th: Three Small Steps for Big Wins

September: Guidance in Resolving Conflict

October: Healing Anger

November: Seven Tips for Getting It Done!



Feb; 2012 Step Into Your Soul's Shoes

Mar: Our Soul a Vehicle For Truth

May: Allow Your Thoughts To Grow – Allow Your Thoughts To Grow You. 

July: You Ae So Worthy 

Dec: The 3 Secrets To Uncovering The Real You!


Previous newsletters 



February – Setting Intentions and Why They Work 

June – Acceptance 

July – Detachment

August – no publication

September – Compassion 

December – Focus With Intent



June: – I Have Had Enough.pdf

June 30th – How Are Thinking Affects Our Lives

July/August – No publication

September – Need To Relax?

October – Are You Smiling Inside?




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